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Virtual Reality Gaming at


In addition to Virtual Reality Racing - you can also experience seated Virtual Reality Gaming at SimRace1.

Our Racing Simulators are like Transformer Toys - one minute their Racing Simulators then in a 'Blink of an Eye' they're Virtual Reality Gaming rigs!  The wheel is removed in a flash, foam safety padding attached, seat put in position - job done!  Unlike stand-up Virtual Reality you'll be able to shoot all those nasty VR baddies without the risk of falling over. 

You'll be wearing the Oculus Rift on your Head and you'll be swinging your arms around whilst holding the Oculus Rift Motion Controllers at the direction of those nasty VR baddies - combine this with teleporting. moving a directional button, and pointing you head up, down, left, right and you'll be whizzing around the Virtual Reality World before you know it!  And the best bit - no chance of falling over or smacking your controller against the Wall which could result in a broken controller or worse - a sore head...

If you want to experience Virtual Reality Gaming at SimRace1 just make a reservation on the "Book Online" link on the header of this website and "let us know in the comment section" of the "booking process" that you wish to do VR Gaming - or go to the "Contact" link in the header and give us a ring!


The price?  Our intro' price is £9.99pp (£10.70pp normal) to hire the Hardware/Monitor to run the VR Headset for 55 minutes and then you can play any of the VR Games we have for free! You will see the price of £10.70 when going through the booking process - don't worry about that, on arrival you will pay £9.99 for VR Gaming!

On arrival at SimRace1 you will need to give your Name and DOB and then you will become a free member of SimRace1 Racing/Gaming Club.

When you come to SimRace1 we'll give you guidance and a brief run down on how to use VR safely - after all, when wearing VR Headsets you are blind to the outside World.

Minimum age of 11 to use VR Headsets for VR Gaming.

We've carefully selected a small range of quality VR Games; so what's on offer?


Serious Sam VR - The Second Encounter:
An FPS VR shooter where up to 4 players can play death match against one another in VR or up to 4 players can play co-op as a team against the computer in deathmatch or story mode (recommended); you can also play solo!  If you're a group of up to 4 people this is a must play!  (Age 16+)

Shooty Fruity:

You have multiple job roles to do in your shop - and there's manic fruit that want to stop you from being a good employee!

Armed with a gun you're going to shoot the fruit and splatter their juices all over the shop!

Like Job Simulator? Like Fruit Ninja? Shooty Fruity is a combination of both!

The Brookhaven Experiment:
A wave based Zombie shooter with many many jump scares - watch YouTube Videos to gauge peoples reactions to it... (Age 16+)

Guns 'n' Stories - Bulletproof:

Ever wanted to star in your own Western Shootout, well, you can here!  Armed with your Gun you're the new guy in Town...

I Expect You To Die:
A hugely popular VR puzzle game; you're a James Bond style agent and the name of the game is to survive deadly situations in immersive, dangerous locales...

Summer Funland:
A 10 minute long underwater submersible VR ride which is suitable for everyone!  Everything is not as it seems compared to when you first enter the submersible....


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