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Virtual Reality Racing at


 Experience Virtual Reality Racing here at SimRace1!

When you put on our VR Headsets over your head you will see the racing world through 360 degree vision.  Your view of the world will be in the same perspective as when you drive a real Car!  You will move your head left, right, up and down - you can even turn your Head right around to look out of the rear window of the Car.  It's difficult to explain

what Virtual Reality Racing is like - it's something you have to experience to understand.















When trying Virtual Reality Racing for the first time at SimRace1,  you will be put through a mini VR Racing Introduction which will introduce you to Virtual Reality Racing.  This will take about 10-15 minutes to complete - don't worry, if you come along with company after your first 2 laps you'll be racing against one another.

We recommend trying Virtual Reality Racing for 30 minutes for the first time. If you've booked an hour racing session we recommend 30 - 35 minutes in VR and then to spend the remainder of your session racing using our large 4K screens.  On completion of your Virtual Reality introduction you will be free to spend longer racing in Virtual Reality on your next visit.  

Before considering Virtual Reality Racing there are some points to know beforehand.  majority of people thoroughly enjoy VR Racing at SimRace1 - for many it's a major game changer when it comes to Sim Racing. 

Before making a booking for Virtual Reality Racing, however, VR Racing is not for everyone and that is why we run a short VR Career Mode to gently introduce you to it!

Please read the below before considering VR Racing:


  • The majority of people who try Virtual reality Racing at SimRace1 overwhelmingly enjoy it and come back for more.  However, there is a small percentage of people (1 out of 10) who may experience mild dizziness/mild motion sickness.  This is one of the reasons why everyone, who tries Virtual Reality Racing for the first time has to go through an introduction.  If VR Racing is not for you, don't worry, you can burn rubber racing on our screens.

  • On your visit to SimRace1 for Virtual Reality Racing you will be given a brief IPD (Inter Pupillar Distance) test - this is to measure the distance between your eye pupils.  We will take a quick snap of your face and will obtain your IPD distance from it - this measurement will then be used for your VR Headset.  The whole process takes about 30 seconds.

  • Our VR Headsets accommodate glasses - however, if you wear contact lenses this may increase your enjoyment of Virtual Reality Racing.

  • If you suffer with epilepsy or any other form a brain injury or brain trauma we do not recommend the use of VR Headsets.

       Extra information:

  • Virtual Reality Racing is available on all 6 of our Simulators - up to 6 people can race against one another in Virtual Reality. 

  • The use of VR Headsets cannot be shared with other users - 1 user per booking.  The exception to this is a booked "Team Endurance Race".

  • You must be aged 11+ to use the VR Headsets for VR Racing.

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