Aug 11

Verstappen vs Hamilton?


Over the last 2 weeks I have heard alot of "Max is faster then Lewis" and "if max was in the same car as Lewis he would have won the championship by now".

Personally I don't think max is at the level of a Lewis right now, but I want to know what do you guys think?

Who is faster Lewis or Max?

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Personally I feel like max has a lot more grit and aggression than lewis and is stronger mentally. The past has shown that the best way to beat lewis is to get in his head. Max will be more talented than lewis I beleive just let's face it lewis has had it easy all of his career.

Aggression is good but has often landed max is trouble (crashstappen🤣). Lewis has had it easy, he is always in a championship car but still beat Alonso, Button and Nico in the same car. I believe the fact that max has only just got his first pole ever proves that Lewis is faster.

Aug 11

@morrisrhys03 not strictly true. The whole time Jenson and lewis were at McLaren, Jenson scored more points than lewis. Max came into f1 at 17. Barely any experience but the talent was there. It takes time to learn things.

@Seanperks it does take time to learn I feel max needs a championship wining car and not to win the championship to learn the art of racing fully and to become a cooler and more skilled racer.

Aug 11

Lewis is quick but hes a nonce. He literally is so arrogant. Was always a jenson fan now a norris fan.

@Seanperks yeah now this I agree with Lewis is great racer but far prefer vettel to Lewis. Was watching the 2016 F1 final today and Lewis didn't even say well done to Nico.

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  • After 9 long, painful years Ferrari win Monza. I am over the moon, I bet if you were an Italian F1 fan you didn't turn up for work Monday because you were completely hungover. Some Italians are still celebrating. And best of all it was the new guy, can you imagine what it must if felt like to see an army of red looking up to you with that much love. .Wow. But while one Ferrari had success the other not so much. Seb vettel spinning his car and that's twice now he has spun. It is known that the Ferrari car does have a loose back end but when the new guy is getting the wins on track where Ferrari are best, well I don't know what to say to it. Vettel for me has never real settled in at Ferrari I don't know if it's the car or the team but he has never been a guy that has always looked good for them. When he was with red bull he was great and would win races regular but I have never seen that at Ferrari. Last year he had the fastest car and should have really won the championship but mistakes plagued his races along with bad calls by the team. But this year Charles has stepped up and I was one of the people who said it was too soon. I don't want to count vettel out but too many times has he cracked under pressure as of late. And he is such a good racer but do Ferrari need to make Charles driver 1? I mean winning monza, spa and just missing out at Bahrain makes a strong case. Anyway big up to King Charles and we will be seeing his on that top step alot more in coming years I think.
  • we can all agree and say Lewis has more or less won the 2019 drivers championship. However with this second half of the season I don't think Lewis is gonna run away with all the races, most of his best tracks have been. Let's look at them Spa- anyone of the drivers in the top 3 team can win that and I mean anyone. Because it more about flat out pace. Monza - the same as spa not real skill it's just keep your foot down and see who faster. Singapore- hard track I think this will be between vettel, Lewis, max and bottas. You need experience at this track to get the best of this track and I think only they have it. It's not a track Lewis has had alot of success at yes I know he has won it before but I would say max or vettel to win that. Russia- not a Lewis track it's not even a vettel track. It will be between max and bottas because I saw last years race and Lewis didn't win that it was given to him. Maybe Charles can do it he drove well there but I think max or bottas. Japan- this will be Lewis, it's one of his best tracks he just seems to be great at it. Mexico- Max,max and max the red bull fits Mexico and it's Max's race to lose. Mercedes have trouble at this track so I am going to say it's a max win. USA- Lewis is strong here very strong he will most likely win it however after last year team have an idea now if how to stop him but I am going to say Lewis. Brazil- again i am saying max he is just good at it. Lewis has not real ever had success here ever even in any car. I think Ferrari will have great success here and it's a race to watch. Yas marina- any of the top guys it's a nice track but it can be a real boring track, wait for Drs zones if you can't ever take wait till it comes around again. So I only real give Lewis 2 track to win from here. Spa will tell us alot because who ever wins spa wins monza. Bar vettel but Ferrari. What do you think?
  • For me August is a slow time for motor racing the F1 goes on holiday and there just seems to be nothing going on. I don't really follow Touring car or the WRC I think they do run races in the summer but for me I am just waiting. But the WEC will be in Silverstone soon, should be good to watch the WEC do put most of there races on YouTube so if I can I will have it live in the shop. Are the LMP cars in this race? Are the LPM cars still a thing after the rule change? I will be watching it anyway and hopefully you can watch it in the shop with us😁.

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