Aug 11

Ugliest car ever?

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Fiat Multipla?


Is there uglier than this?



Aug 11Edited: Aug 11

We have a contender. Face lifting the "Morris Marina" and renaming it "Morris Ital" didn't make it any prettier...





Auto express "The Morris Marina is that rare thing, a truly bad car that was a sales success. There's no accounting for taste"


If you can find one, bet a mint one is worth an arm and a leg these days. :D

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  • The SimRace1 dream began a long long time ago with one of these. The difference between this one and my one was mine was an utter rust bucket. And no working door locks half the time, but it didn't really matter as being a metro if was 50/50 whether it would be in the mood to start anyway. But it has a place in my heart but not for good reasons - the blooming bonnet catch was as delicate as China and would flip up going over a pothole. Gawd - can't believe I'm still alive! :D

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