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Covid-19 measures in place: every user part of the Racing Rigs are sanitized.
  Face Masks/Gloves mandatory - disposable gloves supplied for free/bring your Karting Gloves!
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SimRaceExperience the thrill...

 If you enjoy Karting, Track Days, Motorsports, Sim' Racing or just love Cars full stop, then you'll very likely love our race   experiences we offer too.

 At our Swansea based venue we run a wide range of racing experiences for racers of all levels of abilities. If you're new to   Sim' Racing no problem - we're always on hand to guide and assist you.

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We have 8 interconnected state of the art Racing Simulators, race on your own or as a group.

Each of our Racing Simulators are equipped with Uber Wide Triple Screens which give you an 1.8 metre extra wide view of your surroundings.

Our Racing Rigs are equipped with premium force feedback steering wheels which will give you steering resistance and road vibration resulting in an realistic racing experience - our load cell brakes will give you assured braking.  And our Sparco Race Seats will rumble to the feel of the road surface.  

At our venue we can cater to single racers, small groups, larger groups (of up to 16 racers), birthday parties and corporate team building. 

At SimRace1 we also periodically hold race events in addition to our Top Gear Style Leaderboards - which get changed and updated each and every month.

SimRace1 is a product of Swansea - if you want to race then "Race On" at SimRace1.

Information and Event Types


  •  SimRace1 is a Virtual Motorsport Racing Club open to all - when you arrive at SimRace1 give your 'Name/DOB' and you will become a free member of the Club!

  • We advise you to make a reservation on our website or instore - we don't want anyone turning up to find Simulators unavailable.

  • Made a reservation? Don't lose time - turn up 10 minutes early.

  • Minimum age of 11 to use Racing Simulators. 

  • Up to 8 people can race against one another in the same race.

  • Though designed to be "man handled" - please be considerate with our equipment.

  • Our in-store leaderboards get regular update reports on our FB page!  

  • There are no arcade style racing games at SimRace- choose between Motorsport Simulation Racing or Karting Simulation Racing we offer.  

     Single player

  • Race the Computer AI:  We'll set you in in a race against multiple computer opponents.  

  • Race Online:  Once you've built up enough racing experience so you can race clean and respectfully against your online competitors, you'll be free to race against the World in the name of SimRace1. 

  • Top Gear Style Leaderboards:  Each and every month, both of our Hot Lap Leaderboards get updated with a new car and track.  Call us over to make a record of it, and check for updates on our facebook page. 




  • Group Multiplayer:  Up to 8 people will race "head to head" against one another.  You can choose 30 to 60 minutes in-store, or book a 60 minute slot online or by phone.  (Private Group Hire Available For Large Groups - Contact Us)

  • Team Endurance Race:  Up to 8 pairs/16 Racers where one player will pair with another player to form a pair.  Your "team" will then race "head to head" against the other teams from your group by driver swapping "Le Mans" style.  Available in Touring Cars or Formula 3 - a 1hr session which involves a quick practice and qualifying session.  


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SimRace1 Staff





The Boring Stuff - Prices

Our prices are based on per person per simulator; all payments are made on arrival.

30 Minutes - £6.50 (only available for walk-ins)

60 Minutes - £10.99 (book online/also available in-store)

Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page or facebook page and we can make the booking directly for you.

If you wish to hold a birthday or a corporate team building event at SimRace1, then please reach out to us via our contact page or facebook page.  We look forward to hearing from you.   

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30-31 High Street, Swansea, Wales. SA1 1LG

Tel: 07368 309848

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Tues: 1pm - 7.00pm

​​Weds: 1pm - 8.00pm

Thurs: 1pm - 8.00pm 

Fri: 1pm - 8.00pm

Sat: 11am - 8.00pm

Sun: 11am - 4.00pm

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